PAR3 Technology Aids Northwest and Alaska.

Northwest Airlines and Alaska Airlines, along with sister airline Horizon Air, have integrated PAR3 technology to send outbound, response-enabled alerts to passengers, proactively alerting them about schedule changes and confirming individual traveler`s flight arrangements.

All alerts, integrated with the airlines` customer databases, automatically update passenger records, allowing reservations agents more time to manually assist customers with new or alternative flight arrangements.

The PAR3 platform sends a voice or text message to a traditional phone, mobile phone, computer, pager, or palm device. The messages notify passengers of schedule changes and rebooking options or ask them to confirm their upcoming travel arrangements, incorporating real-time response options tailored specifically for the individual. Directly from within the alert, passengers may connect back to speak with a reservations agent or forward the message with comments to others affected by the change in travel plans, such as family, friends, and co-workers.