3D E-City Map for Connexion By Boeing.

E-City Software has completed the design of a 3D airport map, and development and layout mapping of San Francisco and has licensed the rights to Connexion By Boeing for use in demonstrations of the broadband Internet and data communications service.

E-City previously completed delivery of a 3D map of Paris, the Aeroport Roissy Charles de Gaulle and Aeroport d`Orly for Connexion by Boeing, which is being used in service demonstrations to many of the world`s leading airlines.

“Our mapping content from E-City will provide airline passengers the type of destination familiarity they need to be better informed during travel and exemplifies the value that real-time connectivity can provide to the flying public,” said Jeff Flagel, director, Supplier Management for Connexion by Boeing.

E-City CEO Anis Jessa stated, “We are excited about the potential for working together with Connexion By Boeing on other similar projects concerning our 3D airport and city maps. E-City has developed and continues to develop a unique body of international 3D map content for top metropolitan areas around the world. We believe that our content is perfectly positioned to be of substantial benefit to the air traveler. Our 3D CityMaps are some of the best tools available for travelers to familiarize themselves with a new city, plan hotel, restaurant, transportation and entertainment options.”

Connexion by Boeing recently announced the loss of about 100 jobs as part of the cost-cutting measures instituted by Boeing.