Wireless Security Camera For Airports Introduced

AARO Broadband Wireless Communications has introduced its broadband wireless enabled security services including pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) cameras that are viewed and controlled using Aaro`s secure, wireless radio network. In addition to wireless remote control, Aaro`s service allows for the capture of still images and digital movies from these cameras.

The service is available immediately throughout Aaro`s service areas in Oklahoma and may be rapidly expanded into other states based upon customer demand. The company said potential clients include airports, campuses, building owners and managers, security services, and public safety agencies.

“In this time of heightened concerns regarding security, we are pleased to provide such an effective solution,” said Aaro President Jerry Thetford. “The short deployment time combined with our broadband wireless service provides a timely, cost effective solution for our clients.”

Thetford said AARO completed a successful demonstration of this service at one of Oklahoma`s regional business airports earlier last week for airport management, government officials and others. Cameras installed on the airport`s automated weather observation system (AWOS) tower allow for monitoring of aircraft, ground vehicle and personnel movements throughout the airport by authorized administrative and security staff.

The benefit of this application is rapid deployment allowing monitoring equipment to become operational in a matter of hours without the need for any type of wiring or network access, he said. In addition to cameras, other types of sensory or monitoring equipment, such as air quality monitors, may be deployed in a similar fashion. Also, a variety of cameras may be utilized with this system including infrared cameras for night surveillance and telephoto or wide-angle cameras for specialized viewing.


Aaro supports cameras located up to 10 miles from a central distribution point depending on environmental conditions. The cameras communicate using radios that operate in the UNII frequency band (5.7GHz) making unauthorized interception of their signal extremely difficult. The use of this particular radio technology allows for operation without interruption from atmospheric conditions such as heavy rain, fog, and snow.

The camera system is programmable and may be customized to accommodate the needs of a client. For example, the system can communicate with external devices, such as an electronic gate, to activate its video capture capability upon a predetermined set of circumstances. The system can constantly record images much like traditional security camera applications.

AARO is an integrated telecommunications services provider (ITSP). Operating in Oklahoma, Missouri and Texas, AARO provides fixed-wireless connectivity, Internet access and Virtual Private Networks at speeds up to 100 Mbps. AARO`s New World services including IP telephony, videoconferencing services and streaming video are delivered on a secure, carrier-class IP network.