British Airways Expands Online Distribution.

SideStep has announced a partnership with British Airways that will enhance SideStep`s international offering and enable British Airways to expand its distribution online, enjoy lower cost of sales and establish deeper relationships with customers.

Sidestep already has over one million users, and through this partnership, British Airways will have the opportunity to promote BA products and services to this audience. SideStep has grown rapidly since its November 2000 launch to emerge as the most comprehensive, easy-to-use source for the Web`s best travel deals.

With more than 25% of its searches focused on international markets, SideStep has already proven itself to be an extremely useful service for international travellers. In the fourth quarter, SideStep will introduce additional product enhancements that will further enhance its utility for bargain-hunting globetrotters. Just as it has in the United States, SideStep will join with leading airline, hotel, and car rental companies to proliferate its award-winning search service, and its partnership with British Airways exemplifies this approach.

Based in Santa Clara, CA, SideStep is an Internet infrastructure company that has developed technology that connects disparate, dynamic information sources in real time. The company`s initial market is the Internet`s largest commerce sector - online travel. SideStep provides largest selection of Web-only fares available online.