Ryanair Job Site Snafu.

Ryanair is asking pilots who are interested in joining the airline to send confidential details of their career, as well as their credit card number, over the Internet without any protection against hackers.

According to BBC Online, potential recruits are asked to fill in a form on Ryanair`s website. But when they submit the information, a message appears warning that the message is being sent via e-mail without encryption for privacy.

Ryanair has admitted that there is a flaw in their system but Michael O`Leary, Ryanair`s chief executive, told the BBC`s Working Lunch programme that it will be secure by the middle of this week. “We don`t want to delay the recruitment of new people, especially when pilots are being laid off by UK airlines. The security issue is not deterring many hundreds of people applying to us for these well-paid jobs,” he insisted.

The only way to apply for a pilot`s job with Ryanair is via the Internet and pilots are being asked to pay a fee of £50 to have their CVs considered. Mr O`Leary defended his company`s decision to charge a fee, saying the aim was to reduce spurious applications.