Instant Contact Service For Cruise Customers.

Carlson Wagonlit Travel`s exclusive new “Call Ship” program offers an exclusive, special telephone number that cruise customers can provide to family and friends along with the name of the cruise line and ship; through just one simple number, cruisers sailing on one of twenty different cruise lines can be contacted quickly.

Better yet, this convenient service costs significantly less than trying to reach a cruise passenger through a regular long distance carrier. Most calls routed through to cruise lines can be exorbitantly and even prohibitively expensive. The Carlson Wagonlit Travel Call Ship program helps hold the line on charges.

“Previously, the vast majority of family and friends of cruise passengers may have been reluctant to stay in touch while they`re enjoying the cruise experience except during emergency circumstances,” stated Bill Van De Laarschot, vice president of marketing for Carlson Wagonlit Travel`s Associate Division. “But through this great new program, it`s reassuring for our customers to know that they can easily be reached no matter where they are by those who matter most.”

Callers using the number will be asked to choose from a series of prompts that connect them to the ship they desire. Unlike other long distance services, the caller is not charged for waiting time; the charge per minute begins only when the caller is actually connected with the ship. This procedure alleviates the oftentimes cumbersome, and expensive process of reaching a cruise passenger.