Delta to follows the big six 13,000 jobs to go - service cut by 15% - European budget Airlines say d

Delta Air Lines Inc., the third-largest U.S. airline, is to cust 13,000 jobs and reduces flights by 15 percent because of the terrorist hijackings.
Delta will also be reducing fares and offering 10,000 free or low-priced tickets to New York. Delta Chairman Leo Mullin said at a press conference ``Drastic measures are required if we are to avoid being among the first economic casualties of the war,`` ``Delta was facing tough times, but following the terrorist attack, the situation clearly grew much worse.``

Since September 11 the industry has made more than 92,500 firings and layoffs. Continental Airlines Inc. today placed the cost of its separation program for 12,000 employees at more than $60 million.

In Europe the budget Airlines Ryan Air, EasyJet and Go each report a near normal return to demand for seats.