StreetFinder For Handhelds

Rand McNally has unveiled the company`s new downloadable Palm OS-based map and travel information application, StreetFinder Express.
Based on its award-winning StreetFinder software, the new application features interactive travel information and customised maps with thousands of points of interest for key metropolitan areas throughout the United States. The maps can be quickly downloaded from the Internet to Palm OS devices, including Handspring, Palm and Sony handhelds. The downloadable application delivers a dramatically rich user experience by taking full advantage of the latest advances in handheld display technology, such as 16-bit color and 320-by-320-pixel resolution.
The downloadable StreetFinder Express maps contain complete street and address details and are highly customisable, allowing users to add personal points of interest and select unique icons. The maps also include detailed points of interest such as shopping, entertainment and Mobil Travel Guide hotels and restaurants. The easy-to-use interface features a tool bar with easy-access functions and help-system features to assist first-time users. Rand McNally has licensed the application to Sony Electronics, who is bundling StreetFinder Express on its new CLIE PEG-N710C, PEG-N610C and PEG-S320 handhelds.