Fox Upgrade

Fox Rent A Car has announced the launch of its` redesigned website.
When a customer is looking to book a rental with Fox, the new rate guarantee takes into consideration major car rental company competitive rates, and guarantees that if the customer can find a rate better than the rate Fox is offering, Fox will not only honour the competitor`s rate, but add an additional 10% discount to the rate to make the Fox rate an even better deal!
Fox is able to offer this guarantee due to its rate management routines and competitive rate analysis systems.
Since California is a “sunny spot” travel destination, Fox offers a “rainy day” coupon special that will give the renter a free rental day if it is raining at the time of the actual rental. Restrictions do apply, and this special extends from 1st June to 20th December, 2001.
Also included in the revamped website is an “Affiliate Program” that allows any company with a website to refer business to Fox and earn commission. The entire enrollment process has been automated and the intended affiliate website owner can implement the codes with a simple “cut and paste” option. The website also includes the most recent revisions in California law concerning the car rental business. This information will help the consumer to watch for companies trying to impose fees or surcharges that are not valid or by exposing the customer to unqualified liabilities in regards to insurance regulations or consumer rights.