Interview: Alex Armengol - Hotel Termes Montbrio

As the leading provider of unique spa therapies and products, the award winning Hotel Termes Montbrio has become synonymous with world-class excellence. We talk to Alex Armengol, Commercial and Marketing Manager of this inspiring resort, which continually enhances the spa ethos globally with fresh-thinking, unique client care and pioneering therapies.

Q. Who is Grup Roc Blanc and how does Hotel Termes Montbrio fit into the group’s leisure portfolio?

Grup Roc Blanc started 40 years ago in the Principality of Andorra with the creation of the Hotel Roc Blanc which has always represented the high level classical hotel in Andorra. For more than 30 years Roc Blanc has been a pioneer in Spa offering with its thermal waters. Hotel Termes Montbrió fits in this scheme in the way that all these 30 years of experience has positioned it in an ideal situation.

Q. What makes the Hotel Termes Montbrio’s offering unique?

The combination of 30 years experience in Spa offer mixed with a unique hotel and the facilities we can offer: 214 bedrooms fully equipped with all the comforts of state-of-the-art hotel installations. The hotel offers 8 suites, 5 of them are themed with special decoration: British, Italian, colonial, Arabic and Japanese style.

Q. How does Spain as a destination help to attract guests?

Good weather, Spanish people,  reputated cook, security and a European organisation and facilities. It is also important to consider the motorway, flights and transportation.
Q. What kind of facilities does the hotel offer for group events, such as meetings and incentives?

12 meeting rooms in two different buildings and decoration styles. From 10 to 400 people and an auditorium called “Hemiciclo” meeting room with 172 seats.

Q. Does the hotel offer internet or wireless connection to guests?

We have internet connection in all our bedrooms, reception and meeting rooms.  The wireless connection does not exist in the hotel because more and more people bring their own portable laptop with private telephone connections.


Q. What do you consider to be the hotel’s main selling point?

The hotel`s main selling point is its diversity of services. The hotel facilities include: rooms, 2 restaurants, Spa and natural spring water, Health and Wellness Centre and conferences facilities.

Q. Earlier this year, Hotel Termes Montbrio was chosen by the influential British magazine “Professional Spa” as Europe’s Best Resort and Spa. What did this mean to you?

The consolidation of Group Roc Blanc after 30 years of experience and the appreciation of good facilities and services.

Q. What role does the spa play in attracting guests to the Hotel Termes Montbrio?

It is a “personal plus” for facilities and services offered to all of our guests (individual, groups, golf and events customers).
Q. What inspired the creation of your treatment menu?

At present we offer around 25 health programmes and around 150 Services a la carte services in our Wellness Center.

Q. What range of products do you use?

We offer first quality of products.

Q. How do the more holistic therapies work alongside cosmetic procedures?

We will introduce some in 2004 as the public require them, but we have a very reputable natural spring waters treatments.
Q. When was the Aquatonic Spa centre built, what was the budget and what is its main purpose?

It was opened in Summer 2002 and the purpose of it is to offer a leisure natural spring hot waters area for those customers who do not want to pay for therapeutic services. It is also convenient for the events customers because the whole group can enjoy a leisure area at the same time without a specific time-table.

Q. Do you find that spa treatment requests differ for men and women?

No. These days, everybody wants to look young and they require similar services.

Q. Can you discuss any current spa market trends?
Under the word Spa (Salute per Aqua), all 4 and 5 star hotels offer a Spa but this does not mean that they offer the same quality of services and have the same facilities.  This situation can confusel the customers who are not used to attending a natural spring hot waters health centre with quality services and medical supervision.

Where do you see the biggest growth in the year ahead?

For the hotels which do not have natural spring hot waters, the holistic services will increase a great deal. For hotels which have a strong reputation, medical services and so on, we will try to continue or professional performance in order to keep the high level of quality and services that we have worked hard to achieve in order to fulfil our customers expectations.

Q. What does the future hold for the Termes Montbrio Hotel?

We will maintain our quality and services, offering new products according our professional business philosophy.