Interview With Daniel Chrust of Galor Systems

Galor Systems Offers the travel industry a managing software product, Gilboa, containing all the features and tools necessary to operate and control a travel-related business.
The system employs the latest, state-of-the-art technology and operates under a local network, combined with external Intranet and Internet networks.

In an exclusive Interview, Daniel Chrust, Marketing Director of Galor, tells us about this dynamic technology offering.
Q. Can you tell me about Galor Systems?

A. Galor Systems was founded in 1989. Gilboa started in Israel as a back office automation system for travel agencies. Over the years we have developed our product as both a back and front office system. Today we provide to more than 90% of all Israeli Travel Agents.

A year and a half ago we decided, because we are so sure of our product, to go international. This was when we exposed ourselves to the world. Today we also have branches in Singapore and Hong-Kong and we are planning to open one in the UK

Q. I read that you also have installations in the USA. Do you have plans for further expansion?
A. Exactly, today we have installations in many countries including the USA, England, Hong Kong, Singapore, Poland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Germany and France. We are slowly building up a world-wide network.
Q. Who would you most recommend your product to?
A. The product is recommended to anyone who is in the tourism business. From retailers to wholesalers, tour operators; inbound and outbound, charter operators and even congress organisers.
Q. How can your product improve travel agencies turnover?
A. Primarily the turn over of the travel agency will depend on their marketing skills.


Gilboa works on a PC that can divert quantity and quality according the Travel Agency`s needs. We provide an engine, which is a web-based engine. This provides the smaller agencies (with two or three employees) with the chance to go online. Exactly like Expedia or Travelocity. To have the same amount of inventory, only the clients will actually know who is standing behind this web site.

If somebody was to ask who is behind Expedia or Travelocity, nobody knows. The public know neither the name, nor the face behind the name.

Our philosophy states that travel agents have clients who know about them from word of mouth. If you have a web site for the clients to look at, they don?ft have to bother to call you, or come into your office. They can just go onto your website and if it is good, they will recommend this website to others.

Q. In what ways does Gilboa assist travel agents in marketing their products towards flights and packages?
A. Again, you need to have enough skills to build up your packages because we give you the platform to explore it, or, the Interfaces to other Suppliers. You can have your own inventory, or, be connected to Suppliers such as GDS?fs or Tour Operators or Rent A Car Companies you need to be creative enough, and you have to be attractive enough.
Q. What would you say makes Gilboa a leading travel and tourism management software?
A. Twelve years of experience. It is very seldom that you hear about this in this market today. There are fifty-eight people in our company. Forty of these are former tourism people, so we really do know the needs of the travel agency. We listen to their needs. We build a system according to their requirements, so in actual fact, we are giving them a product that they created. Only we executed it!
Q. Are there any recent developments that you can discuss?
We just developed what is called ?ghost to host?h. Each one of our clients (with his/her website) can be connected to any other host of another supplier. Ultimately when the customers are surfing on your website, they won?ft know that they have reached the host of the supplier. They are taking their seats and allocations from their inventory meanwhile they still think that they are in the website of the familiar face that they know

Q. Customer Relationship Management is a key theme this year for the travel industry. Does your product address this?

A. Definitely because the basis of our system is the customers portfolio. Before anything else, we build up that customer portfolio. We open up a file with all the details of the customer, including all his/her favourite things. Every parameter must be considered.

Whether the customer is a lawyer or a skier. Now the amount of reports that we can get from this system shows us all the details. For example, where and when the client travels and what his tastes are. Even down to details like what he eats and which kind of people he likes to associate with.

Those details will allow the agent to slice any kind of a report that will help him market new deals according to those parameters.