New technology to reduce risks for TMC

e-Travel Technologies Inc has announced the release of e-Travel Tracker for Corporate clients as an enhancement to its travel risk management services for travel management Companies. TMC’s can now provide their corporate clients with direct access to locate and contact their travelling employees who may be at risk.
In addition to an incremental revenue opportunity for TMC’s, Tracker for Corporate addresses security and travel departments concerns about duty of care compliance and liabilities regarding human capital protection.Donald Churchill, eTT Founder and President stated “We developed this product in response to many requests from our customers. Now TMC’s and corporate travel management, have a common solution for addressing the needs of multinational clients and the protection of their employees”, he added “we are confident this value added offering will contribute to the competiveness of our customers.”
e-Travel Tracker for Corporates is available at two levels. The single user option provides a corporate travel or security manager with a dashboard and tools to identify, track and contact at risk traveling employees. The multi user option allows them to track and contact travelling employees, plus access to all Advisory and Alerts databases, as well as an opt in Daily Alerts email.