Korean Air reveals new Airbus order

Korean Air has placed a new firm order with Airbus for six more A330-200 aircraft. The order is the first for the new 238 tonne increased take-off weight version of the popular twin-engine widebody, offering an extended flying range of up to 7,200 nautical miles.Scheduled for delivery from 2010, the new aircraft will feature a three-class layout and will be used on long-range services from Seoul to Europe and North America. The new order increases the total number of A330s ordered by Korean Air to 25, comprising 16 A330-300s and nine A330-200s.

“Our latest order for the A330 is part of our ongoing expansion plan and will enable us to open up new long haul routes,” said Yang Ho Cho, Chairman and CEO of Korean Air. “The latest version of the aircraft is an even more attractive option for linking Incheon efficiently and economically with Europe and destinations acssheacic

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