Sabre wins United Economy Plus offering

Sabre Travel Network has launched the ability for Sabre Connected travel agents to sell their passengers United Airlines’ popular Economy Plus through the Sabre Connected travel agency point of sale tools, MySabre and Turbo Sabre.This capability provides multiple opportunities for agents to offer Economy Plus to their travelers throughout the transaction flow.

Sabre is the only GDS to integrate these merchandising capabilities into the standard travel agency desktop, making it easier for Sabre Connected travel agents around the world to transact this premium coach seat capability within their standard workflow.

United is the most recent airline to take advantage of Sabre’s pay-for-seats capability, which allows passengers and travel agents to purchase special seating preferences through the Sabre global distribution system (GDS).

“This launch with United is another testament to the tremendous value of the GDS and Sabre’s ability to adapt our merchandising capabilities to the unique needs of each of our airline customers,” said Greg Webb, chief marketing officer for Sabre. “This is yet another highlight in the continuing adoption of Sabre’s merchandising capabilities that benefit airlines and the travel agency community.”

United’s Economy Plus seats provide more room to work or rest on a flight. United’s Economy Plus seats have up to five more inches of legroom and are located at the front of the economy cabin.