Hilton unveils 1000-hotel expansion across Caribbean, Latin and Central America

Hilton Hotels has announced a grand plan to quadruple its presence in the Caribbean and Latin America by adding 150 new hotels to the portfolio over the next five years.  This news underscores the company’s goal of adding 1,000 hotels to its international portfolio in ten years.Hilton Hotels Corporation currently has 42 properties in the Caribbean and Latin America development pipeline and has identified a number of strategic markets in gateway cities and resort destinations for further growth of selected Hilton Family brands. With an existing portfolio of 51 hotels throughout the Caribbean and Latin America, this expansion will bring the company’s total presence in the regions to more than 200 properties.

Daniel Hughes, senior vice president of operations, Caribbean, Mexico, and Latin America, for Hilton Hotels Corporation, commented, “This is a momentous time for Hilton as we announce efforts to quadruple our portfolio to 200 hotels and resorts.  Our success will be a result of the perfect combination of exciting brands, a dedicated professional development team, and targeted markets with great potential for growth.”

The company currently has 13 hotels in the Caribbean and anticipates bringing an additional 17 hotels to the region over the next five years. In Mexico it plans to add 60 hotels in Mexico in the next five years to it existing portfolio of 19. Whilst in Central America it will add 23 properties to the current collection of seven hotels. In South Africa they aim to add 50 new hotels over the next five years to their current portfolio of 12.

Due to the size and strength of the Brazilian economy, Brazil will be a key focus of Hilton’s development activities in the region.  Hilton’s growth plans include not only Brazil’s largest cities, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, but also a number of secondary cities such as Brasilia, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, Manaus, Recife, and Goiania, among others.

“Hilton Hotels Corporation is placing significant emphasis on growth in the Caribbean and Latin America, supported by a development team made up of six of some of the industry’s most qualified professionals,” said Ted Middleton, senior vice president, development, the Americas, for Hilton Hotels Corporation.  “We have set rigorous goals and have no doubt we have the best team in the industry working to achieve them.”