Travelocity tool now hits 18 destinations

Travelocity’s ExperienceFinder booking tool has now been expanded to a total of 18 destinations. The ExperienceFinder tool allows trip planning by categories and themes, planning and shopping through photo albums, video galleries, and rich maps come to life. Visitors can store their ideas in a “wish list” and return later to update that list or review it and make a purchase.

“The ExperienceFinder tool has given us the perfect opportunity to get the word out about our city’s unique culture and offerings,” said Amy Brock, Internet marketing manager for the Savannah Convention & Visitors Bureau. “With the challenges the travel industry is facing right now, this has been a great way to differentiate our city and continue making Savannah a thriving destination. The response has been overwhelmingly positive.”

ExperienceFinder cities now include:

  * Cancun
  * Jamaica
  * Los Angeles
  * Las Vegas
  * Orlando
  * Vail and Beaver Creek
  * New Orleans
  * San Francisco
  * Chicago
  * Hawaii
  * Miami
  * New York
  * Washington, DC
  * Charlotte, NC
  * Dallas
  * Savannah
  * Vancouver
  * Philadelphia

“The ExperienceFinder tool is changing the way in which people dream, plan, shop and book their travel,” said Troy Whitsett, vice president of design and innovation for Travelocity. “Interactive travel planning is becoming the way people prefer to shop, so we are excited to expand this tool to even more cities in the future.”


The ExperienceFinder tool is having an extraordinary impact on travelers thus far:

  * ExperienceFinder turns the premise for online shopping on its head by changing the focus from just shopping, to dreaming, planning, shopping and booking.
  * ExperienceFinder page views per session are nearly three times greater than
  * People using ExperienceFinder are able to find all the tools they need to make an informed decision, which is why the session duration for ExperienceFinder is two and two-thirds times greater than