SIA inks Saudi co-op deal

Saudi Arabian Airlines and Singapore Airlines have signed a Memorandum of
Understanding for Marketing Cooperation, establishing the framework for a
long-term relationship primarily focused on developing routes between the
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Singapore.
The non-binding MOU will foster a closer relationship between the two carriers. It
outlines the areas in which the two parties will cooperate, to seek new business
opportunities, improve airline efficiency, and ultimately deliver an enhanced
customer experience. These areas include:
? Marketing cooperation (e.g. through-checks) for seamless travel
? Code-share arrangements
? Schedule coordination, aimed at improving connections for customers
travelling beyond
? Frequent flyer programme cooperation
? Cargo facilitation

The MOU excludes cooperation in setting individual ticket fares or cargo rates, or
any other activity not exempted under applicable competition laws.

Both Saudi Arabian Airlines and Singapore Airlines also agreed to work together,
where possible, to support their respective civil aviation authorities in the further
liberalization of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia-Singapore Air Service Agreement,
opening up more opportunities for the two airlines to build on the demand for air
travel between, and beyond, Saudi Arabia and Singapore.

Mr Abdul Aziz AlHazmi, Executive Vice President Marketing of Saudi Arabian
Airlines stated: “This historic event of signing the MOU between Saudi Arabian
Airlines and Singapore Airlines serves to blend the characteristic strengths of the
two world-class carriers for enhanced benefits for both companies, as well as
added value for the travelling experience of both airlines’ clientele”.

“Through this MOU, we look forward to building a long-term cooperative
relationship with Saudi Arabian Airlines.  We will harness each carrier’s respective
network, unique identity and culture. We believe that this will be mutually
beneficial for both airlines, and more importantly, our customers,” said Singapore
Airlines’ Executive Vice President Marketing & the Regions Huang Cheng Eng. 


Saudi Arabian Airlines’ Executive Vice President Marketing Abdul Aziz AlHazmi
and Singapore Airlines’ Executive Vice President Marketing & the Regions Huang
Cheng Eng signed the MOU at a ceremony held in Singapore today.