BA extends Amadeus deal

British Airways and Amadeus have announced they are extending their existing relationship for another 10 years until 2017.The new agreement covers the entire IT Services relationship between British Airways and Amadeus, and is the continuation of the strategic arrangement which started in 2000 between the two companies, designed to provide British Airways with a ‘new generation’ technology platform for the management of passenger services.

As a result, Amadeus, with British Airways as a launch customer, developed the Altea Customer Management Solution comprising three fully integrated modules: Altéa Reservation for distribution through British Airways’ sales outlets, Altéa Inventory for global inventory management and Altéa Departure Control for passenger check-in and flight departure management.


Today, British Airways uses the Altea Reservation and Inventory systems which work in conjunction with British Airways’ own website and Revenue Management systems.



The new agreement with Amadeus sets out the terms under which British Airways would move to the newly developed Altéa Departure Control - Customer Management system for passenger check-in, thereby completing the Altéa suite.


Further, British Airways has now also finalised the evaluation of Altea Departure Control - Flight Management for flight departure operations, in open competition with other competing products and selected the Amadeus solution. British Airways and Amadeus are now jointly engaging to scope and plan implementation of the Altéa Departure Control systems.


Paul Coby CIO of British Airways said: “I am delighted that we have been able to extend our strategic relationship with Amadeus which started in 2000. The Altea Reservation and Inventory systems have been great support for our drive to develop our sales and services to customers.”


British Airways plans to complete migration to the full Altéa suite in 2012. British Airways also currently uses Amadeus e-Ticket Server to manage its e-ticketing operations and Amadeus Flex Pricer to enhance the experience of booking connecting flight itineraries through


Commenting on the agreement, David Jones, Amadeus’ Executive Vice President, Commercial said: “We are very pleased that British Airways has chosen to reconfirm their confidence in our solutions, both by extending their use of the installed systems and adding new ones to them. We look forward to the full deployment of the full Altéa platform for British Airways.”