JAL accepts US plea bargain

Japan Airlines International has entered
into a plea agreement with the United States Department of Justice in which JALI agrees to plead guilty concerning certain alleged
violations of the antitrust laws in the U.S./trans-Pacific international
air cargo business and to pay a fine of US$110 million (equivalent to
JPY 11.0 billion yen approx).The United States Department of Justice has been conducting an
investigation of the international air cargo business since February 14,
2006. JALI has cooperated fully with the DOJ in this regard. Japan
Airlines Corporation - the JAL Group holding company - and JALI, after
comprehensively considering the factors including the applicable laws
and facts, have reached the conclusion that entering into a plea
agreement with the DOJ is the best resolution for JALI in the

Japan Airlines Corporation set aside a reserve of approximately 11.5
billion yen for a potential DOJ fine in this matter when it announced on
November 6, 2007 its consolidated half-year results for the six months
ending September 30, 2007.

The JAL Group’s policy is to conduct its business in full compliance
with all laws and regulations, including those relating to competition,
in all jurisdictions in which it operates. The company will not tolerate
any behavior that contravenes such laws and regulations. The JAL Group
will determinedly continue to expand and reinforce its current antitrust
compliance program.