IDeaS unveils CarParkPRO

IDeaS Revenue Optimization has announced the launch of IDeaS CarParkPRO, the world’s first automated Pricing and Revenue Optimization system specifically designed for the parking industry. Leveraging their broad experience in the travel and hospitality industry, IDeaS developed CarParkPRO, a highly robust and feature rich on-demand application with extensive configurability.

IDeaS CarParkPRO is completely innovative in that it enables dynamic pricing of available car parking products to maximize revenues by capturing the demand at the right price and improving the utilization of the available capacity. Additionally, this fully automated solution provides the tools to effectively distribute the product pricing. Using the data from the system, further analysis can be done to identify new products and price points and estimate the resulting benefits.

“CarParkPRO is a ground breaking innovation for the parking industry,” commented Joseph Martino, IDeaS’ Senior Vice President. “With its ability to effectively manage the relationship between roll-ups and pre-bookings, CarParkPRO is proving to be an indispensable tool in determining optimal pricing strategy.”

Recognizing the need for a fast, easy and cost effective deployment method, IDeaS has made CarParkPRO available on-demand via a SaaS (software as a service) model. This deployment option means CarParkPRO can be implemented with very little infrastructure, guaranteeing small upfront costs and a great deal of flexibility.