HRG joins UK aviation debate

Commenting on yesterday Budget announcement Mike Platt, Group Industry Affairs Director Hogg Robinson Group, said: “While we support the Government’s commitment to replace APD with a duty payable per plane and therefore enable the aviation industry to expand in an environmentally sustainable way, we believe that the measures announced yesterday have a long way to go to effectively address this key issue and welcome the opportunity for consultation.”
HRG acknowledges the costs associated with developing a sustainable environment and recognises the role that taxation can play. However it is imperative that there is accountability and transparency attached to this new government revenue stream to ensure it is directed to initiatives that actively reduce carbon emissions and tackle climate change.

“If we are to succeed in enhancing the sustainability of this industry and prevent the projected rise in total aviation emissions from 2 per cent to 3 percent, we need to take action now. Any funds raised need to be wisely invested into researching alternative fuel sources, developing technology to increase aircraft efficiency and addressing regulation of international airspace and flight paths to reduce air time.”

In response to the introduction of automated biometric technology systems including automated technology at the major UK airports, HRG agrees that it is critical to improve the passenger experience. It warns, however, that in the short term these are likely increase waiting times for travellers while teething problems and potential objections are addressed.