Saudi Arabian inks Sabre deals

Saudi Arabian
Airlines and Sabre Airline Solutions have signed four separate agreements
for advanced technology business solutions.The deals were signed in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
during a gala ceremony and they will help the airline deliver
outstanding service to its passengers.

These four agreements, which involve the implementation of Saudi
Arabian Airlines’ three-year IT transformation programme as part of
its IT Master Plan, are important elements of the airline’s goals,
including improving the passengers’ customer experience.

  “The implementation of these systems will improve the passenger
experience through increasing the reliability, resilience and
competitiveness of Saudi Arabian Airlines,” said Khalid Almolhem,
Director General of Saudi Arabian Airlines. “We selected Sabre Airline
Solutions to provide these important solutions because of their
experience, high quality results and because they demonstrated their
willingness to partner with us for success.”

  Sabre Airline Solutions, the global leader of software and
services for the airline industry from planning through execution,
believes its technology will help the airline achieve its goals of
being a leading, world-class carrier.

  “Saudi Arabian Airlines has purchased our world-leading solutions
in order to improve the performance of their airline,” said Steve
Clampett, President of Airline Products and Solutions for Sabre
Airline Solutions. “The airline will be receiving the exact same
solutions we provide to world-leading airlines including British
Airways, Air France, American Airlines, Japan Airlines and Singapore
Airlines. When implementation is complete, Saudi Arabian Airlines will
have the most advanced versions of these solutions in airline
operations. These solutions have proven to provide measurable
operational and financial improvements for our airline customers.”


  The Sabre solutions selected by Saudi Arabian Airlines cover four
specific areas of the airline’s business:

  — The network management solutions bundle features Sabre Airline
Solutions’ industry-leading Sabre AirFlite Planning and
Scheduling Suite, the Sabre AirPrice fare management system,
and the Sabre AirMax Revenue Management Suite including group
management capabilities and business consulting solutions.
These solutions will improve the competitiveness of Saudi
Arabian Airlines and its ability to react quickly to changing
market conditions.

  — The operations solutions bundle features Sabre Airline
Solutions’ advanced modelling Sabre Dispatch Manager and
flight tracking suite, and the Sabre AirCrews Crew Management
Suite, as well as business consulting solutions. These
solutions will ensure that Saudi Arabian Airlines’ operation is efficient and will effectively manage even the most
challenging operational situations.

  — The ground handling solutions bundle features the Sabre
Streamline Resource Management Suite of business solutions.
These solutions will help Saudi Arabian Airlines proficiently
manage airport operations at its key hubs to maintain on-time

  — The cargo revenue management solutions bundle features the
Sabre CargoMax Revenue and Pricing Suite for managing cargo
capacity control, cargo routing and cargo pricing. These solutions will help Saudi Arabian Airlines develop a highly competitive cargo offering.

  Sabre Airlines Solutions will work with the airline over the next
two years to deliver these critical business tools.

  “We are not simply buying technology,” said Almolhem. “We are
buying a business solution that will improve our passenger experience
through better on-time performance, further competitive fares and
schedules, and an efficient and profitable operation.”

  The solutions will be used by the airline for its primary
operations as well as for its Haj and Umra religious charters and its
Royal and VIP operations.

  Each of the Sabre Airline Solutions suites selected by Saudi
Arabian Airlines includes business consulting from Sabre Airline
Solutions’ consulting experts, implementation and on-site training in
Jeddah as well as hosting services on Sabre Airline Solutions’ eMergo
Web Access platform, an enhanced services-oriented hosting environment
for the industry’s most advanced open systems technologies.