JetQuay offers spa services at Changi

JetQuay has partnered with ‘The Ultimate Wellness Haven’ to provide a range of spa services at their CIP Terminal at Changi Airport in Singapore.Services include massage, facials, slimming therapies, hair removal treatments, eye care and décolleté treatments.

JetQuay offers airport facilitation services at the JetQuay CIP terminal at Changi International Airport. The company offers three types of airport service: Gateway, Quayside, and Jetside and is also able to offer airport facilitation services in Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and Macau. Auxiliary services include a business centre, a boardroom, private meeting rooms, limousine transfers, nap rooms, spa, mini gym, and more.

Passenger traffic through JetQuay in Singapore improved significantly after a revision in the pricing policy was made in July. Subsequently, the level of interest in JetQuay’s services has spiked considerably. Individuals and corporations, who initially grappled with the fresh approach to transit services that JetQuay offers, now make the most of the benefits of a full service airport experience.

Over the past few months, local hotels have also engaged JetQuay to meet and greet their preferred guests within the airport complex, ensuring that the hotel’s brand and service level is represented from the moment a passenger lands to the moment of departure. JetQuay’s guest relations officers meet and greet more than fifty preferred guests each day.

JetQuay’s services in Singapore include a ‘Gateway’ meet and greet service within the terminal of arrival or departure and the ‘Quayside’ service which utilizes the CIP Terminal. For private jet use and commercial passengers who wish to avoid the main terminals, a premium service ‘Jetside’ is available, that utilizes a limousine on the tarmac.