Le Meridien unveils LM100 concept

Le Meridien has introduced LM100, a group of international creators of mixed generations and interdisciplinary artistic fields, chosen from the fields of art, architecture, cuisine, design and fashion by Jerome Sans, Le Meridien’s Cultural Curator.LM100 members will offer their creativity and develop original and interactive programs for Le Meridien hotels worldwide that will transform the guest experience. LM100 members will curate Le Meridien’s interactive initiatives and propose other established or emerging talents that reflect the brand’s core values of CHIC, CULTURED, DISCOVERY. Over the next few years, Le Meridien plans is to expand the programme to include 100 members.

“Le Meridien is engaging in a non-traditional approach by marketing curated cultural initiatives and experiences to our guests, said Eva Ziegler, Senior Vice President, Le Meridien. Le Meridien delivers a new perspective in a credible and relevant way in order to attract a new, aspirational customer - the creative guest.”

Members of LM100 will guide Le Meridien in its quest to transform Le Meridien hotels into creative hubs. The LM100 programme is not just a marketing platform - it involves creative individuals curating original experiences for Le Meridien that show the established and the known from a different point of view. LM100 members will interact with each other, energizing the brand’s initiatives, and playing an active and a unique role for the brand. Members are more than individual talents - they are a group, a family: LM100.

“LM100 is not a club, it’s a family of international creators that are reinventing Le Meridien with the vocabulary of their challenging experience, said Jerome Sans. This group of mixed generations and interdisciplinary artistic fields will grow naturally in order to keep the dimension of dialogues, discoveries and creations.”

Unveiled today, the initial LM100 group consists of 12 members who are starting to create the foundation for Le Meridien experience. They are:


Jerome Sans - Le Meridien’s Cultural Curator and the founding member of the LM100 programme. In his role, he is responsible for advising, finding and enrolling new members who can advise Le Meridien on initiatives based on the brand’s passion points. He aims to introduce cultural initiatives in hotels as an interactive experience and a way of life for Le Meridien guests and associates.

Jean-Georges Vongerichten - Alsacian French chef, who burst onto the New York dining scene in 1985, dazzling diners with his innovative interpretation of classic French cuisine and earning four stars from The New York Times at the age of 29, currently has over 16 restaurants worldwide. Jean-Georges is the cuisine guru for Le Meridien. His role is to put his mark on cuisine at all restaurants in Le Meridien hotels worldwide. His first mission has been to develop signature components of Le Meridien breakfast, which will be unveiled in early 2008.

Linda Grabe - Grabe is Le Meridien’s advisor on wines and will be creating, implementing and curating wine experiences at Le Meridien hotels.

Michael Lin - one of Le Meridien’s first UNLOCK ART(TM) artists, Lin has created signature keycard designs that are currently being used in several Le Meridien hotels worldwide. In addition, UNLOCK ART provides guests of Le Meridien hotels special access to a cultural experience or institution close to the location of each hotel.

Ralph Gibson - legendary photographer, born in Los Angeles in 1939, Gibson incorporates fragments with erotic and mysterious undertones in his photographs, which builds narrative meaning through contextualization and surreal juxtaposition. With current expositions at the Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin, Gibson has also created the portraits of the first LM100 members. The Transitional Portal experience, featuring Gibson’s artwork, will debut at Le Meridien Beach Plaza in Monte Carlo this month.

Kiki Allgeier - a New York based film maker, Allgeier makes films that blend elements of fiction, documentary, and experimental film, with the aim of creating a dynamic and innovative experience for the viewer. Allgeier has been creating short films about the LM100 members. Shot on Super 8 film fused with high definition video, these films are whimsical dream-like portraits of the artists.

Henri Scars Struck - Musician, composer and producer, Scars Struck over the years has created and developed a formidable body of work encompassing various styles and origins. Some of the diverse artists/clients with whom he has collaborated include Malcolm McLaren, Lenny Kravitz, De La Soul, Charles Aznavour, Yves Saint Laurent, Jean Charles de Castelbajac and Roger Sanchez. Scars Struck has worked on Le Meridien FIRST NIGHT celebration of opening the San Francisco hotel, curating the musical experience for the guests. Most recently, he composed the 24-hour music/sound piece for the Transitional Portals and Elevated Experience in the hotels.

Eddie Roschi and Fabrice Penot - founders of a perfume company, Le Labo, Roschi and Penot have created a new scent for Le Meridien, LM01. This signature scent is shaped on a construction inspired by the meridian lines. They create perfumes with only the highest quality raw materials and essential oils available. Le Labo’s founders are the official perfumers to Le Meridien.

Andrea Illy - Illy, grandson of the founder of illy, will be Le Meridien’s Special Advisor on coffee culture. It is with his support that Le Meridien guests will discover a whole new world of coffee through innovative coffee tastings. In 2004 Andrea was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year prize which was conferred by Ernst & Young Italia.

Hisham Bharoocha - A New York City based artist, Bharoocha concentrates on music, visual art, and photography, and is inspired by the true nature of our temporary existence on this planet, understanding life through sensations that arise and pass within ourselves. Bharoocha was one of Le Meridien’s first installation artists. In conjunction with Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, he created an inspiring space within Le Meridien San Francisco. He is currently working on redesigning some of the brand’s in-room printed communication materials to be launched in 2008.

Nick Dine - a seasoned designer of numerous flagship retail stores, townhouse renovations, large condo developments and numerous private residences, Dine is collaborating with Le Meridien on the design of the new bed which will be rolled out in all Le Meridien locations over the next couple of years.

Sam Samore - Samore, a featured artist in the 2007 Art Basel Miami Beach, is currently working with Le Meridien on artistic and literature projects that will be unveiled in late 2007/early 2008. Samore, creator of large-scale photographic works, is also known for his writing, mainly his radical retelling of traditional stories and fairy tales. Samore’s book of fairytales, specifically written for Le Meridien, was launched during the ONE NIGHT Miami event on December 2, 2007.