Virgin features online drama inflight

Passengers flying on Virgin Atlantic will be able to watch the fastest growing TV show on the web, KateModern. In a unique move, the airline has teamed up with the programme’s creators to showcase this hugely popular series from the beginning of December.  Passengers will be able to watch a short introductory video plus the first 31 episodes on Virgin Atlantic’s award-winning in-flight entertainment system V:port.

KateModern,  the UK spin-off of the pioneering web drama lonelygirl15, has all of the intrigue and drama that made lonelygirl15 the biggest phenomenon on the Internet. 

It debuted on Bebo this summer, with over 25 million views and is steadily increasing in viewership with an average 1.5 million views per week.

The drama series which is screened online in short three to five minute episodes on the popular social-networking site, Bebo and also at, follows art student Kate; an Australian wild-child called Charlie, a young entrepreneur named Tariq and a mischievous computer whiz kid called Gavin, pitching their wits against the dark forces of an evil ‘Order’. 

Lysette Gauna, Head of Brand for Virgin Atlantic said,


‘Internet based content has become a rich source of entertainment with more and more people accessing it.  Virgin Atlantic has always been keen to reflect media trends and showcase them to our passengers, so it’s delighted to feature KateModern as part of our award winning entertainment.  We expect to screen more entertainment sourced from the internet over the next year’.

Greg Goodfried, Co-creator and executive producer for KateModern said.

‘We are thrilled that KateModern will now be seen by the International travellers on Virgin Atlantic’

Co-creator and executive producer, Miles Beckett added,

“LG15 Studios was conceived to break barriers with our online entertainment content and we feel that this is another first which allows an internet based program to be viewed on an interesting forum - inflight.’

All Virgin Atlantic aircraft are fitted with personal seat back TV’s for every passenger.  V:port is the most advanced inflight entertainment system offering passengers up to 200 hours of video and audio entertainment on demand with a wide range of games to choose from.