Aloha Airlines enhances customer service

Aloha Airlines
has chosen Sabre Airline Solutions to help
the airline grow revenues and optimize customers’ experience through
the SabreSonic suite, a customer sales and service solution at the
industry forefront.

  The SabreSonic suite is a comprehensive, modern solution that
helps airlines attain their top priorities, delivering an advanced
customer-focused solution that also drives revenue performance. From
powerful multi-channel sales to efficient customer service, a superior
customer experience and comprehensive reporting and analysis, the
SabreSonic suite offers the operational flexibility Aloha needs in
today’s competitive marketplace.

  “We were impressed with Sabre Airline Solutions’ proven track
record in North America,” said Mike Malik, chief information officer
of Aloha Airlines. “Their commitment to quality and service excellence
assured us Sabre Airline Solutions would support us effectively not
only through implementation, but throughout our entire partnership.
Sabre Airline Solutions’ devotion to continuous product improvement,
as illustrated by the SabreSonic solution, also made us feel secure
that the system will continue to meet our needs for our planned

  Aloha believes SabreSonic capabilities, such as Automated Exchange
and Refund, Frequent Traveler Profiles, Automated e-Mail Notification
and many other features, will help the carrier to enhance productivity
while exceeding customers’ expectations with superior customer
service. The airline also said the variety and versatility of the
SabreSonic system, Sabre Airline Solutions’ commitment to customer
satisfaction, and the SabreSonic community product governance model
were significant factors in selecting the SabreSonic solution.

  “We chose the SabreSonic solution because its comprehensive
capabilities provide Aloha Airlines with the tools and support we were
looking for, and we realize Sabre Airline Solutions is committed to
continuous improvement,” said Malik of Aloha Airlines. “It was also
important to have a solution that will integrate well with our other
systems, so we will not need to commit additional time and resources
to make it work for our operations.”


  Aloha will now become a member of Sabre Airline Solutions’
advanced customer community, a forum for member airlines to
collaborate with each other to help drive the investment
prioritization of Sabre’s technology projects. The community includes
streamlined access to the full breadth and depth of Sabre Airline
Solutions’ solution resources as well as consistent customer care and
delivery practices.

  “Aloha’s decision to select the SabreSonic solution clearly
demonstrates that our solution not only meets the current needs of an
airline but also supports an airline’s desire to grow and innovate,”
said Jim Barlow, senior vice president, SabreSonic solutions for Sabre
Airline Solutions. “The SabreSonic solution is the most progressive,
comprehensive customer sales and service solution in the industry.
Value is realized for our customers, as Aloha has recognized, through
cost reductions, revenue growth, and a seamless customer experience.”

  Aloha recently marked its 60th anniversary, recalling the
carrier’s first revenue flight in 1946 between Honolulu and Hilo via
Kahului. Today, Aloha serves millions of travelers to the islands of
Oahu, Maui, Kauai and the Big Island of Hawaii with comfortable,
full-size Boeing jets and convenient flights throughout the day,
including hourly departures Oahu and Maui, and Oahu and Kauai. Aloha
also offers transpacific service between the Islands and Oakland,
Sacramento, Orange County, San Diego, Las Vegas and Reno.