Monarch implements Google search

Google has made its Google Custom Search platform available internationally, enabling small businesses to add Google search to their websites.In three steps, businesses can sign up online for the hosted service, and in less than 10 minutes customers and visitors are able to search their site using the power of Google’s search technology, for more relevant results.

“For many organisations, a website is their window to the world and significant investment goes into attracting customers to the site,” said Robert Whiteside, Enterprise manager UK and Ireland, Google Enterprise. “Keeping visitors on a site once they arrive, however, is a challenge and the absence of a search facility can be a major cause of a lack of website ‘stickiness’. By improving the ease, speed and accuracy with which users can find what they need, businesses can ensure their website justifies the investments made.”

Custom Search is offered as a free, ads-supported Custom Search Engine and the Custom Search Business Edition for organisations requiring more customisation and support.

Monarch Airlines is one company that has implemented the Google’s Custom Search Business Edition. Ian Chambers, e-commerce manager,, commented:
“With the recent changes to hand baggage regulations and the increased focus on airline security, the volume of Monarch customers with travel queries on these issues was rising,”

He added: “In order to improve the speed, accuracy and context with which customers can find answers to their questions on, we decided to implement Google’s Custom Search Business Edition. We also use the improved search results to intercept inbound email enquiries and give customers another chance to find the answer to their question before they finally hit ‘send’. Since launch we have seen a 30% reduction in inbound email as more customers now find what they need online. We’ve also been able to include additional FAQs from our hotel, car hire, car parking and travel insurance partner websites because the search facility is now able to index more sites and information, more rapidly.”