UtellAgent.com expands content

The Utell Spa and Golf Collections, select groups of luxurious spa hotels and golf properties which offer a range of pampering experiences and golfing facilities to a targeted and high spending audience, are now easier to book on UtellAgent.com than ever before.
UtellAgent.com, the travel agent’s resource for booking hotel rooms and tracking commissions, has introduced an exciting range of new features and improvements to the 24/7 portal, including dedicated micro sites for the Utell Spa and Golf Collections with Luxury and Boutiques Collections to follow.
The introduction of the two first two Collections to the UtellAgent.com website will make it easier than ever before for agents to locate and book hotels within the Utell Spa and Golf Collections. Once bookings have been made, the new and improved commissions enquiry service will allow agents to check the status of up to 20 commissions at once on any hotel represented by Utell.
In addition to UtellAgent.com’s familiar features such as online customer support, instant confirmation for online bookings and access to information on thousands of hotels which have helped to make the website an essential travel agent tool, Utell has added several new user friendly options to the portal. These include more hotel search options, which will help agents to refine their search and find the perfect hotel for their clients, easier to use flagged language options and a convenient group login option.
Diana Banks, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing, Utell Hotels & Resorts, commented:
“At Utell we have always understood the importance of meeting the needs of the travel agents we deal with, and value our relationship with the travel trade. I believe that the ongoing evolution and improvement of the Utell Agent resource demonstrates our commitment and ability to listen to agents and work successfully in partnership with them. The Utell Collections strategy has made it easier for agents to find and book the ideal hotel for their clients, according to their interests and travel needs. The success of the Utell Collections, and their recent impressive revenue growth results testifies to this.
Recent strategies such as an innovative online introductory demo of the improvements to UtellAgent.com again shows that Utell is willing to investigate new and forward thinking ways of reaching agents and introducing them to the latest developments in the industry.”
The new features and improvements to the portal will help agents to book and track commissions for all Utell hotels, including the Utell Collections. With the recent news of Utell’s exciting high profile hotel signings across the Utell Collections, as well as within the wider Utell portfolio, and the WTM launch of the new Utell Business Collection, no doubt agents will find more reasons than ever before to log on to UtellAgent.com.