MAXjet pledges further expansion

After two years of operation Bill Stockbridge, MAXjet’s President and CEO said he expects to continue MAXjet’s expansion.“Customers from 67 countries and all 50 US states have chosen MAXjet for their transatlantic travel, even though we only market in the US and UK,” states Stockbridge.  “This is one of many indicators that the travelling public is hungry for new choices in the market that offer exceptional comfort at an exceptional value—as compared to multi-class, high-priced legacy carriers.” 

Further, MAXjet was the first all-business-class airline two years ago.  Since then, the company has seen the adoption of its all-business-class business model to new and existing airlines due to demand for its revolutionary customer-focused, value-based product.  “Our first two years have been historic in the international airline arena,” adds Stockbridge.  “We have proven not only that our business plan works, but also that it can work in many international markets.”