AMEX rolls out hotel booking tool

American Express Business Travel has launched AX HotelHub, a new interface for better control of hotel spend.
AX HotelHub brings together more than 120,000 hotel properties worldwide from a variety of sources, including Global Distribution Systems, the Internet, consolidators and direct hotel connections into one single source. It offers a variety of rates, from rack rates to last-minute Internet offers and exclusive merchant rates. In other words, a full range of a company’s negotiated hotel rates is fully integrated within one network.

HotelHub will be available to American Express Business Travel customers in the U.K. and France from November 2007.

“Hotel spend can account for up to a quarter of a client’s total travel spend [and] so is a key area for companies to capture spend data and drive savings in their travel programme,” according to an AMEX spokesperson. 

The hub also provides reporting to help managers identify hotel usage and to drive supplier negotiations, track programme performance and determine opportunities for savings. It can assist travelers by providing assurance that they are getting a preferred negotiated rate at a variety of hotels globally and that bookings will be within policy.