American debuts latest commercials

American Airlines introduced three new commercials as part of its award winning “We Know Why You Fly” brand campaign. The 30-second commercials are fun, light-hearted vignettes that illustrate the “why” of business flying, from escaping a teambuilding seminar, to racking up AAdvantage miles, to finding the ideal business travel companion.

The new spots can be viewed online at, and will soon be airing locally in spot markets and on national cable channels.

“These advertising spots are a continuation of a successful campaign,” said Roger Frizzell, American’s Vice President—Corporate Communications and Advertising.

“They’re entertaining, while still being informative. They are business oriented, but we believe leisure travelers as well will be able to identify with the messages, along with stories that will bring smiles to their faces.”

The commercials were created by TM Advertising, American’s longtime agency of record and partner in creating the “We Know Why You Fly” brand positioning in 2004. TM and American developed the new ads using feedback gathered during several months of consumer research.


“The idea of these commercials is to connect with the business flyer in a meaningful way,” said Shep Kellam, Creative Director for TM Advertising. “We want them to immediately understand and identify with the situations and find real humor there. ‘We Know Why You Fly’ has always been about connecting with the flyer, but the target here is more specifically business flyers and communicating that we understand what they do everyday.”