bmi launches new website

bmi has partnered Foviance to re-launch the flybmi website in a bid to enhance usability and increase online bookings.

Foviance, which specialises in online customer experience, worked directly with bmi’s customers to objectively establish their needs, and translate them into actionable insights for bmi’s web design team. The testing incorporated feedback from bmi business, leisure and diamond club customers.

During the research phase, a usability audit of the existing bmi website was conducted to identify user expectations, requirements and experiences. Foviance usability consultants then looked at partner sales sites to understand any issues with the customer’s journey, before working with bmi to complete a full usability evaluation of the new website prototype. This guaranteed that all recommendations had been fully implemented.

Marty Carroll, Director - consulting, Foviance, said, “Those that only consider their user’s experience at the end of the website design process are simply throwing their money away. Usability and user experience are the foundations for any website and bmi had the foresight to bring us in at the start of their development process. This meant we could assess the bmi site’s effectiveness from the consumer’s perspective, with a view to continually improving the user’s online experience.”