Dohop unveils airline connection platform

Dohop has announced the release of the Dohop Connection Platform for Airlines at the Low Cost Airline Congress in London.The Dohop Connection Platform is a new technology that enables airlines to cross-sell and book connected flights with each other in a seamless way.

The Dohop Connection Platform offers a low-cost alternative to the legacy interline and code-share arrangements, and allows airlines to connect with each other without adding significant cost or complexities to their operation. It delivers a simple and cost effective way for airlines to help their customers find and book the best connecting flights without inflating ticket prices.

By facilitating connections for their customers, low cost airlines are set to enter a new era of growth and competitiveness. It will multiply the destinations offered by each airline, help them acquire new customers, and compete on routes that until now have been dominated by legacy network airlines. According to a study by Dohop, most airlines can multiply the number of destinations offered by connecting with other airlines.

Airline:      Direct -  One Stop
Ryanair       170   -  311
EasyJet       70   -  550
Iceland Express     9   -  145
Germanwings     65   -  549
“If an airline wanted to offer connection flights in the past, the only option was a full service connection facilitated by legacy interline and complex code-share agreements that inflated ticket prices,” says Frosti Sigurjonsson, CEO and co-founder of Dohop Ltd. “With the introduction of the Dohop Connection Platform, airlines now have a new alternative for connecting. This is especially relevant for low-cost airlines that have traditionally not offered connections. Now they can compete with connected flights and do it in a low-cost way.”

Airlines increasingly generate profits from selling ancillary services such hotel, rental car, and travel insurance. Facilitating connection flights with other airlines is a natural addition and will become an important source of referral revenues for low-cost airlines.


For the Traveler, better connected airline networks mean a wider range of options to choose from to save time and money. A study by Dohop indicates a potential for saving ten thousand man years through optimizing connections in Europe. Better connected airline networks can in time lead to significant fuel savings.