Sabre rolls out security suite

Sabre Travel Network is launching the ‘Traveller Security and
Data Suite’, providing an affordable solution to enable corporate travel
managers and agencies to quickly locate travellers worldwide, as well as providing insight through historical and advanced-booking reports.

In a recent survey of Corporate Travel Managers, The National Business
Travel Association found that the impact of terror plots on corporate travel
and air security was the most prominent travel event of 2006. In one-on-one
discussions with corporate travel managers, they reinforced this point,
expressing an urgent need to manage such impacts as quickly and efficiently
as possible.

To address this top industry need for the corporate marketplace, Sabre
created the ‘Traveller Security and Data Suite’ as a user friendly,
interactive, web-based application that provides secure access to pertinent
travel data and delivers detailed reports to help corporate travel agents
and travel managers quickly take action in case of an event anywhere in the
world. It also features scheduled and ad-hoc reporting capabilities to
assist with many operational and business needs.


Beta users of the ‘Traveller Security and Data Suite’ leveraged the new
capability in conjunction with the recent security incidents in the United



Steve Boschetto, director of Operations for Colpitts and a beta user for the
suite, was impressed with both the accuracy and speed of the response for
Colpitts:  “I was able to pinpoint all travellers and run various tests.
When results were compared to our back office information, they were 100
percent accurate.  It really proved its worth during the UK events as we
were able to locate all our travellers in Britain in a matter of seconds.”


Similarly, Valerie Wilson Travel was also impressed by the results.


“When we heard of the situation in the UK, we immediately accessed the
‘Traveller Security and Data Suite’, and requested a report of all
travellers in the UK from 30 June through to 9 July,” said Louis Rodriguez,
director of IT & Training at Valerie Wilson Travel Inc.  “The response time
was very quick and we were able to forward these reports via email to key
people within Valerie Wilson Travel, Inc. and to our clients.” 

Upon activation of the ‘Traveller Security and Data Suite’, detailed air,
car and hotel data is immediately available for nearly a year of pre-trip
information and three years of post-trip data for reservations made through


“Having access to the future bookings enables us to be proactive with both
our internal and external customers,” said Rodriguez.  “It allows us to
quickly identify where our customer is at any given time.  Knowing that we
have secured reliable information at all times helps us maintain a better
relationship with our customer.”


Martin Cowley, Senior Vice President of Sabre Travel Network EMEA said: “We
live in a world that increasingly requires organisations to immediately
locate employees in times of world events - whether they are terrorist
events or natural disasters.


“This new suite meets that corporate need and also provides many additional
reporting and notification features.  Sabre has leveraged several of its
data and reporting capabilities to deliver a robust solution at an
affordable price,” he said.


The ‘Traveller Security and Data Suite’ is available 24/7 via secured
access. Users can drill down from a world map to a list of travellers with
detail, or use specific criteria to target the search.  The detailed report
includes traveller contact information and complete Sabre reservation data.
Users can also access a traveller’s itinerary online for more detail using a
link to ‘Sabre Virtually There’, and a ‘Flight Threshold Report’ notifies
companies when the number of travellers booked on one flight exceeds the
organisation’s travel policy.