Greenest UK hotels named

FIFTY of the most environmentally friendly places to stay in Britain have been
identified in a list of green hotels at the forefront of sustainable tourism.

A range of independently owned and corporate establishments from the south coast
of England to the Highlands of Scotland share the honours in the first register
of its kind.

The establishments are all holders of the coveted Gold Award as presented by the
Green Tourism Business Scheme to those companies across the country which have
demonstrated a firm commitment to safeguarding the environment and promoting
sustainable tourism.

The ‘Gold List’ was compiled by a team of independent assessors who individually
verified each establishment’s green credentials before granting them the highest
possible grading.

Recipients of the award have to achieve a minimum standard from more than 120
separate measures ranging from best management practice and energy saving to
buying local produce and caring for wildlife and the landscape.


“This is more than just a list it is a sign of the future as more people are
demanding that hotels have to be environmentally aware,” said Andrea Nicholas,
director of The Green Tourism Business Scheme.

“Our assessors visited every hotel on the list and verified their claims to be

“We are delighted that so many places want to win the highest accolade - a Gold
Award, many others have achieved Bronze or Silver. These hotels are pioneering
the way.”

Sustainable tourism is increasingly important to consumers in the UK. A recent
survey carried out by VisitBritain found that 84 per cent of people said they
would choose an attraction or accommodation provider that was part of a green
accreditation scheme over one that was not - and 68 per cent said they would
still do so even if the prices of the green accredited business was slightly