ATA backs Airspace redesign plan

The Air Transport Association of America (ATA) has issued a statement applauding the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announcement of its airspace redesign plan for the New York and Philadelphia metropolitan areas:

“This long-awaited program is a much needed first step to relieve unprecedented congestion in the Northeast and to maintain high standards of safety,” said James C. May, ATA president and CEO. “The redesign initiative is another tangible example of the innovative ways to improve capacity and efficiency, and significantly reduce emissions.”

May added that this is a very necessary endeavor that underscores the need to accelerate the systemwide introduction of satellite-based technology to meet the growing needs of air travelers.

“Administrator Blakey and her colleagues at the FAA deserve the gratitude of all users of the air traffic control system for their perseverance in pursuing this indispensable project.”

ATA airline members and their affiliates transport more than 90 percent of all U.S. passenger and cargo traffic.