Airlines embrace Sabre’s eMergo

Airlines around the globe are
snapping up Sabre Airline Solutions’ eMergo system, the industry’s
largest ASP hosting platform, because it provides them flexibility to
deploy a number of operational programs to address the needs of a
constantly changing travel marketplace.
  eMergo is a complete solution that includes application delivery,
hardware and third-party software, management of that software, data
storage, help desk support and maintenance releases. It allows
airlines to access and employ more than 60 of Sabre’s business
solutions via the Internet, saving them as much as 60 percent in
upfront costs over local installation of the same solutions.

  “No one—absolutely no one—has been able to duplicate the success
of eMergo,” said Vinay Dube, vice president, marketing solutions for
Sabre Airline Solutions. “Airlines have adopted this unique solution,
far surpassing the adoption rates of any other industry provider.”

  eMergo goes beyond a traditional ASP model because it provides a
one-vendor solution for airlines: one point of contact, one business
relationship, one complete solution for hosting as well as a single
price point for its applications.

  Over 100 airlines, including Hawaiian Airlines, use eMergo and
experience its benefits daily.

  “We’re an airline, not an IT company,” said David Osborne, chief
information officer for Hawaiian Airlines. “Having Sabre Airline
Solutions assume all these functions and freeing us to do what we do
best saves us time, energy and money.”


  eMergo is just one example of how Sabre Airline Solutions focuses
on providing solutions to the complex business issues that all
airlines face daily.