MIJET achieves record performance

MIJET, the world’s fastest Ku band fuselage-mounted antenna for airliners, has achieved record performance for high bandwidth Web accessibility, VoIP communications and video conferencing.

The MIJET antenna system was installed on a Boeing 737 aircraft and successfully completed a set of flight tests involving a multi-user environment. User-experience was highly productive and enjoyable including transmission and reception at unprecedented high bit rates.

MIJET maintained continuous broadband connectivity between the airborne platform and the Amos communications satellite. The testing team conducted simultaneous video conference calls, made numerous VoIP phone calls (using Skype), downloaded large files via the Internet, sent and received e-mails and surfed the Web. MIJET exceeded nominal specifications, achieving a reception bit rate of more than 20 Mbps and transmission bit rate of more than 5 Mbps.

“The successful connectivity between on-board team members and users on the ground, via satellite, confirmed our expectations,” said Micha Lawrence, founder and CEO of Starling.  “We have achieved record performances, and the test proved MIJET’s technological superiority and the advantages of Ku band technology, creating new opportunities for airlines and service providers.”

“The successful multi-user test is an important milestone both for Starling and for the in-flight entertainment industry,” said Jacob Keret, Vice President Marketing and Sales, Starling Advanced Communication. “MIJET enables airlines to easily install a reliable, cost-effective fuselage-mounted antenna with unprecedented expanded communications capabilities.”


During the tests, MIJET was subjected to varying flight conditions at different altitudes, covering normal and extreme aircraft maneuvering. The MIJET antenna kept pointing steadily towards the satellite during all these maneuvers. 

Powered by a new technology, MIJET is the world’s only airborne fuselage mounted antenna system offering proven receive and transmit at the highest level of performance and bit rate for airliners.

The MIJET is an ultra-small (diameter 30’’ - 75 cm, height 6” - 15 cm), lightweight, bidirectional airborne Ku band antenna system, It is suitable for any wide body airliner such as B747 and A340, or narrow body airliner such as B737 and A319. MIJET is easy to install and requires only one cable connection into the aircraft. All electronic and RF units are housed inside the antenna for optimal ease of installation and maintenance.