Royal Jordanian registers record August

Royal Jordanian registered a record number of passengers, being the highest ever in the airline’s history in August.During this month the airline’s aircraft transported 256,000 passengers, marking an increase of 16% over the number carried in the same month of 2006: 223,000 passengers.

President/CEO Samer Majali said that the airline operated 2,708 departures in August this year, a 23% rise over the same month in 2006 when RJ operated 2,200 departures.

He added that the seat factor rose by 3.8 points in August 2007, reaching 81%, against 77,2% during the corresponding period last year. Flying hours also increased by 14%, from 7,015 in August last year to 7,995 in August this year.

Moreover, aircraft utilization increased from 10,1 hours per day to 11,7 hours per day for the month compared, representing a 16% increase. The on-time performance rose from 75,4% to 79,2%, with an increase of 5% .

Majali mentioned that the airline transported 240,000 passengers in July 2007, a record number that marked a 15% increase over the same period of last year, when 209,000 people were carried aboard RJ planes.


He said that those achievements can be attributed to several improvements in the airline’s air and ground services, to its modern, newly manufactured aircraft, and their state-of-the-art features aboard, in addition to RJ’s membership in the oneworld airline alliance, starting April 1, 2007.

Majali concluded that the several world-class awards RJ has recently won are a proof of the airline’s outstanding performance. It was awarded the Merit Award for the Airline Turnaround of the Year 2006 in Singapore, the Phoenix Award at the 2007 ATW Airline Industry Achievement Awards in Washington.

Additionally, it won King Abdullah II Award for Excellence in the large service organizations category, and was awarded gold for the best website of an Arab carrier for 2007. And lately, it won the Airline Strategy Award in the technology category at the sixth annual Airline Strategy Awards organized by Airline Business magazine in July this year.