Lonely Planet gears up for TV launch

Lonely Planet has selected Limelight’s advanced CDN service to drive its new lonelyplanet.tv travel video channel, offering original travel programming over the Internet for its worldwide community of travel enthusiasts. Lonely Planet selected Limelight’s CDN solution
because of its platform’s ability to accommodate Lonely Planet’s
ever-expanding library of digital media and to reliably deliver a
high-quality user experience to lonelyplanet.tv contributors and viewers
throughout the world.
  “Choosing Limelight’s content delivery network has proven to be a smart
business decision for our roll-out of lonelyplanet.tv,” said Sohail Dahdal,
digital manager at lonelyplanet.tv. “We looked at all the different
streaming services and found that Limelight was best-equipped to
accommodate our future growth. Limelight’s infrastructure allows sites such
as ours to rapidly grow and develop as user needs evolve.”
  The lonelyplanet.tv Web site went live in April with six channels and
more than 75 videos. The site has since grown exponentially to encompass
more than 1,600 videos, and it has become a popular destination for world
travelers who view it as a resource for both information and entertainment.
The new online video network, which showcases user-created videos as well
as original documentaries produced by Lonely Planet Television, has quickly
become an engaging online hub where viewers can share their travel
adventures by uploading 3- to 5-minute videos from a computer, cell phone
or Web cam.
  Limelight enables lonelyplanet.tv to provide a compelling high-quality
video experience to the more than 160,000 and growing globetrotters that
visit lonelyplanet.tv each month by maintaining performance levels as
traffic, file size and content collections increase. As social networking
sites continue to expand, Limelight is helping companies like Lonely Planet
utilize video to enhance their sites and bring individuals with common
interests together through creating and sharing of online media. “Our
community is very dedicated and interactive. There are a lot of great
forums happening on our Web site,” said Dahdal.
  “Lonelyplanet.tv is a striking example of how companies are taking
advantage of the Internet to build communities that cross all geographic
borders, literally in this case, for global travelers,” said Matthew H.
Sturgess, vice president of Asia-Pacific at Limelight Networks.
“Limelight’s CDN platform was designed specifically to deliver the rich
digital content that has become a hallmark of social media. Our technology
and services provide companies like Lonely Planet with the highest-quality
user experience and most reliable delivery of their entire content library
—from the most popular to the most obscure—with the same performance,
from anywhere in the world.”