travelsupermarket comment on Ryanair ad ban

Commenting on Ryanair being banned by the Advertising Standards Authority from claiming its flight from London to Brussels is faster and cheaper than making the journey by Eurostar, Bob Atkinson, flights manager at, said: “The public has a right to expect fair and accurate advertising from travel suppliers. We support the ASA’s work ensuring travel ads are correct, clear and accurate.

“The ASA was right to pull the Ryanair ads as they are misleading. Comparing the costs and journey time of a flight service from Stansted to Charleroi against a Eurostar service from Waterloo to Brussels was not fair.

“The travel industry is being forced to address the issue of accurate pricing and price transparency. Prices and facts displayed in travel advertising are being closely monitored by both the ASA and the Office of Fair Trading - ensuring customers are not misled by headline offers and incorrect information.”