LateRooms rolls out mobile service is launching a new mobile service at which enables users to search for the latest availability and the best value deals for hotels close to where they need to stay. The mobile site replicates the deals on the main website, but has extremely simple navigation and is light on graphics, making the pages quick to download. The deals default to the day the user is browsing, meaning that it can take less than two clicks to book a suitable hotel.

Once a hotel has been chosen, the user will be presented with a unique booking reference number to quote to a dedicated mobile call centre which identifies the hotel and for what date the user wished to book.  The call centre is then able to take the final confirmation and payment details by phone, rather than making a payment through a mobile browser.

“The need to book a hotel at the very last moment occurs mostly when you’re out on the road so a mobile service is essential for travellers on the move. Whether you’re away from home either for leisure or on business, all a booker needs is the basics to hand when looking for a hotel - price and availability,” said Tony Walsh, Development Director, “Our mobile service is designed specifically around these two factors to ensure bookers get what they need with the least amount of effort.”

“We’ve aimed to keep the service as close to the LateRooms website as possible, but have ensured the service is streamlined to make booking over a mobile phone as practical and as easy as possible. By ensuring that a booking is confirmed over the phone the user can feel confident that their hotel reservation has been made and that their credit card details have been entered into a secure site.”