Lufthansa report claims progress on emissions

Lufthansa has published the 2007 edition of its sustainability report,
“Balance,” claiming the airline is on track for reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.The report
contains extensive information about the Lufthansa Aviation Group’s
business, social and environmental activities, including its 2006
achievements and goals for the future.

In it, Lufthansa CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board Wolfgang
Mayrhuber says, “The new issue of Balance is being published at a time
when the debate on the Earth’s climate has become the dominating topic
in the political and social discussions throughout the media. At the
same time, the need for mobility continues to increase and continues to
generate more traffic on roads, rails, sea routes and airways.
Therefore, we need to find ways of organizing mobility as
environmentally compatible as possible.”

Meanwhile, Lufthansa continues to invest in modernizing its fleet.
Aircraft such as the Airbus A380 or the Boeing 747-8 improve ecological
efficiency because they can carry more passengers than their
predecessors - and at the same time they are quieter, more
fuel-efficient and produce fewer emissions.  In 2006, the Group’s
average fleet fuel burn was 1.16 gallons per 62.14 miles per passenger,
which is 30 percent lower than at the beginning of the 1990s. A further
savings of eight percentage points is targeted by 2012.

Lufthansa is further characterized by its outstanding social
responsibility. The company created 2,500 new jobs last year and an
additional 3,000 are being generated this year. As a global player,
Lufthansa offers interesting work for a wide range of people.  In 2006,
41.5 percent of the 94,510 staff were women. The share of part-time
employees has risen to 25.7 percent.  In an effort to promote a healthy
work-life balance among its staff, Lufthansa offers numerous innovative
work-time models. Teams with a mixture of ages have been shown to be
particularly productive.  Currently, nearly one in five staff members
within the Lufthansa Group is older than 50.

Lufthansa is also fully aware of its responsibility towards society.
Among other things, the Group helps to educate the next generation of
flyers, in part, by organizing lectures for children about aircraft
technology, creating themed days at the airport, among other
initiatives.  Lufthansa also has a scheme whereby Miles & More members
can donate their award miles to charity.