Seven ill from cruise ship bug

Seven British holidaymakers on a Scandinavian cruise have been taken to a Swedish hospital after suffering symptoms of Legionnaires’ disease.
The holidaymakers aged between 70 and 80 fell ill with “pneumonia-like symptoms” towards the end of their 17-day Lapland cruise.

The Black Watch, run by Fred Olsen Cruise Lines, is set to arrive in Dover Monday afternoon, prematurely. It will undergo rigorous cleaning to remove the potential infection.

Currently there are around 750 passengers on board, almost all of whom - bar a small group of Irish holidaymakers - are British. There are also 329 crew members.

The infected holidaymakers are a stable condition in hospital in Stockholm and are still awaiting the results of medical tests.

The same company was hit by a highly contagious vomiting virus twice last year on its ship, the Black Prince.