iJET partners with Send Word Now

iJET Intelligent Risk Systems is partnering with Send Word Now, a leading provider of on-demand alerting
and response services.  Through this partnership, iJET clients will
benefit from enhanced capabilities for communicating with traveling
employees, expatriates and emergency response teams in any part of the
world using multiple devices, at a moment’s notice.

Send Word Now alert services are now directly accessible from iJET’s
Worldcue(r) Global Control Center, enabling joint clients to monitor
threats to their people and assets as well as send two-way urgent
notifications from a single portal platform.

“The global scope of our operations requires actionable intelligence,
asset tracking capabilities and reliable emergency communication,” said
Mark Cheviron, Corporate Vice President of Security and Services at
Archer Daniels Midland. “We appreciate the convenience of accessing Send
Word Now and Worldcue Global Control Center through a single platform,
saving us valuable time in responding to urgent situations.”

“Business exposure goes well beyond security and health concerns in one
region, extending instead to a range of threats around the world,” said
Tom Shoemaker, CEO of Send Word Now. “iJet and SWN customers can now
send two-way alerts using both voice and text to quickly communicate
with personnel at risk and require a response to rapidly assess the
situation in real-time.”

Worldcue Global Control Center provides corporate and government
organization users with timely, predictive intelligence around
operational threats, a unified view of their people and assets around
the globe, immediate access to key employee and asset information and
integrated communication capabilities and coordination.  The system
offers corporate users a single platform for immediately relating
threats to travelers and assets and initiating the most appropriate
notifications and responses. 


Send Word Now enables organizations to efficiently communicate with
large numbers of people quickly. Its technology allows for fast, secure,
and reliable two-way communication using a variety of devices and
connection types without additional hardware or software requirements.
All communication is tracked and status and results recorded to document
that the correct information has been relayed in a timely fashion.

“Business resiliency calls for organizations to establish systems for
effectively avoiding and responding to a range of operational
disruptions around the world,” said Marty Pfinsgraff, COO of iJET.
“Integrating Worldcue and Send Word Now helps to fulfill the emergency
communication needs of our clients.”