Amadeus looks to boost self-booking

Amadeus is planning to offer an enhanced approach to driving adoption within companies that are introducing self-booking tools into their organisations.  With its complete end-to-end consultancy package, the Amadeus Adoption Academy is designed to help corporations maximise adoption and get the most out of their self-booking tools (SBTs). 
“Thanks to our participation in the Amadeus Adoption Academy workshop, and with the support of our TMC American Express, Siemens Sweden has taken on Amadeus’ recommendations which have lead to our adoption rate more than trebling in just one month and we look forward to increasing our overall adoption target of 55% in the next 10 months” stated Ulrika Grive, Travel Manager, Siemens Sweden.

Marcos Isaac, Director of Corporate & Distribution Channels, Amadeus commented: “Many companies adopt a haphazard approach to ensuring that employees actually use a self-booking tool when it is introduced.  We have been advising clients about how to drive the adoption of their self-booking solutions for a number of years, thus our in-depth experience has helped us to constantly improve evolve our consultancy approach, helping companies maximise adoption, achieve significant travel savings and a faster return on their investment.”

Amadeus expects that the Amadeus Adoption Academy will help further drive adoption and educate more companies about the significant time and cost savings they can get from their SBT.  The Amadeus Adoption Academy offers a five-step consulting approach that is tailored to corporations’ needs and includes the following phases:
Assessment - Comprising of a workshop that enables Amadeus to get an in-depth picture of how online travel management has worked for a company to date, in order to provide them with an adoption strategy to best suits its needs.

Planning - An integrated plan to grow adoption within an organisation will be developed based on the findings in the assessment report.

Implementation - The execution phase of the adoption plan using Amadeus Project Management methodology.


Measurement and Reporting - Assisted by Amadeus’ powerful reporting tools, Amadeus consultants then carefully measure performance of the programme and evaluate its success.

Tracking and Improving - Where additional strategies and tactics need to be employed to optimise the ongoing benefits of companies self-booking tools.

The Amadeus Adoption Academy builds upon Amadeus’ continuous support and commitment to the corporate travel industry.  Amadeus recently commissioned a worldwide study with Cranfield University looking at factors that influence the adoption rate of Self Booking Tools (SBTs) within organisations.