UATP offers air tickets through PayPal

UATP is helping to enable PayPal payments for online airline ticket purchases and has successfully launched the first client, Northwest Airlines, on June 28.“PayPal has an enormous customer base that wants to buy travel and UATP is allowing that to happen, which is both good for those PayPal customers and airlines that are looking to accept alternatives to credit cards for online purchases,” Ralph Kaiser, president and CEO, UATP said.

“By working with PayPal, we’ve been able to facilitate convenient online payments for our airline members and PayPal customers—it’s a win-win situation.”

Through the UATP network of over 220 airlines around the globe, PayPal is able to use the network to connect to the airlines and process payments.

“UATP is a great, innovative partner in helping us address the airline industry’s need for online payments,” said Tyler Hoffman, senior director of large merchant sales at PayPal. “By offering PayPal to airline sites, we’re once again offering our service where our customers want to shop.”

Making payments by PayPal is easy; consumers can choose PayPal as a payment method and conduct what they see as a normal PayPal transaction. Airlines will process the payment like a UATP transaction through the existing network.


With more than 143 million accounts, PayPal is a global leader in online payment solutions that allows a safe, easy way to pay for items and services online. With PayPal, travelers have flexibility to pay for tickets and can use debit cards, bank accounts, stored balances, or credit cards through their individual PayPal accounts.