Marriots in Jordan focus on conservation

In their endeavour to promote awareness on environmental issues, Marriott Hotels in Jordan have become members of the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN), The RSCN is the independent voluntary organization devoted to the conservation of Jordan’s natural resources.

Managing the nature resources of Jordan is done by setting up protected areas to safeguard the best wildlife and scenic areas, breeding endangered species to save them from extinction, in addition to enforcing governmental laws to protect wildlife, control illegal hunting, and raise awareness in environmental issues through educational programs; ultimately promoting the sustainable use of natural resources.

As members in the RSCN, Marriott Hotels in Jordan obtain educational posters, brochures and CDs containing valuable information about Jordan’s wild life and natural reserves. Future activities include environmental trips to natural reserves, adopting endangered animals and organizing educational seminars by the RSCN for the benefit of all Marriott employees. The General Manager of the Amman Marriott and the Chairman of the Jordan Business Council, Vatché Yergatian said, “We are extremely proud to be members in this important society. This membership will benefit our employees in creating more awareness on environmental issues in Jordan.  It is extremely valuable for us to involve all our employees in the many activities supporting environmental events in the country. Marriott is committed to the responsibility of protecting the environment for our employees, our guests and communities.”

Marriott International manages three properties in Jordan, the Amman Marriott Hotel, the Petra Marriott Hotel and the Jordan Valley Marriott Resort & Spa.