US site launches for business jet seats

By chartering the number of seats needed through, travelers can charter flights on jets at 50% savings compared with chartering the entire plane. BusinessJetSEATS becomes an affordable and fast alternative to the airlines, and is the least expensive by-the-seat option in the emerging next-generation air taxi industry.

Alfred Rapetti, BusinessJetSEATS CEO, states: “Our Company is dedicated to making traveling on business jets easier and more affordable. Lowering the cost 50% and making it easier to arrange travel benefits operators and travelers dramatically. Air travel is at an all time high and the airline system is at its limit - anyone looking for convenient air travel needs BusinessJetSEATS.”

BusinessJetSEATS arranges by-the-seat private charter service from convenient community airports and accesses to the 2,000 jet charter fleet, while offering:

  —50% discounts compared with aircraft charter
  —All-inclusive pricing without extra charges and surprises
  —No membership fees
  —Easy-to-use travel arrangement systems
The low price does not come from squeezing the charter operators. By aggregating seats offered at a discount compared with chartering the plane, aircraft operators enjoy more revenue and profit. Today, demand for air charter is growing and operators can become more discriminating. By delivering greater profits, BusinessJetSEATS is the partner of choice.

David Bjellos, Corporate Flight Department Manager and Certified Aviation Manager (CAM(TM)) in South Florida states: “I plan to include BusinessJetSEATS as an alternative for uplift. Saving time and money is why we use private aviation, so we look for the right aircraft, at the right time, for the right price. The BusinessJetSEATS option allows me to affordably augment my flight department with private travel, by-the-seat.”