easyJet launches Gatwick, Palermo flight

easyJet launches its new daily service between London Gatwick and Palermo, which will be operated by a brand new Airbus 319, the 20th aircraft to be based at the biggest of the airline’s 17 bases.  This new aircraft takes the total number of easyJet’s fleet to 135, with an average age of 2.2 years it is the most modern and fuel efficient fleet in Europe.

Combined with easyJet’s high load factors this means traditional airlines emit 27% more CO2 than easyJet, clearly making easyJet the cleaner alternative when it comes to air travel.

Gatwick is now the gateway to some of Europe’s coolest and most individual destinations, such as Marrakech and Split.  Thanks to easyJet’s low-fares and with its unique vibrant character, Sicily is tipped to be one of the most fashionable destinations for 2007 / 2008.


Palermo, Sicily’s Capital city is situated on the north-western coast of the island, over looking crystal blue Mediterranean sea beneath the magnificent Mont Pellegrino. A fascinating fusion of very different civilisations, the vibrant, bustling city has been influenced by Phoenicians, Normans, Arabs and Spanish, which is reflected in its architecture, historical sights, culture and spicy food.



The Quattro Canti, at the centre of Old Palermo, is a crossroads that brings together the old quarters of the city - Albergheria, Capo, La Kalasa and Vucciria, all of which are a maze of narrow streets, majestic piazzas and bustling markets. The city is home to a variety of historical sights and fine examples of Sicillian Baroque, Normanic, Byzantine and Arabic architecture, including the Palazzo Dei Normanni. This was one of the finest courts in medieval Europe, and is home to the spectacular Cappella Palatine, this 12th century chapel is a fine example of Norman and Arab workmanship with its striking architecture and colourful mosaics. Other key sights include the honey coloured Catalan influenced Cathedral and the Museo Archeologico Antonino Sallinas, in which you can see an impressive array of ancient Greek and Roman artefacts from the region including a section of the Temple of Victory from Himera.


However, nowhere better reflects the Sicilians passion for music than the grand Teatro Massimo Opera House, which in more recent years has also become famous as the setting for the climax of the Godfather III movie. And if you need a break from this dramatic city, the stunning and expansive Mondello Beach and Tyrnhenia sea, is only a short drive along the coast.


As Palermo is the main transport hub for trains and buses to the rest of Sicily it is also the ideal starting point for exploring the island.



Flights to Palermo are available from £27.99 one way or £49.98 return including taxes now at www.easyJet.com